Clear Bonus Profits Affiliates

Become an affiliate of Clear Bonus Profits and earn 40% of any sales you refer.

We pay 40% of each sale you make and that recurs for each month the member remains a subscriber.

That's £47.95 of earnings per year for each subscriber you refer.

As Clear Bonus Profits gives out great money-making information each day meaning retentions are high.

If you refer only 5 customers per month, then after 12 months you could be earning £240 per month.

Get your free affiliate account

We use Thrivecart as our affiliate system, it's a super-secure payment processor with excellent in-built customer/affiliate tracking.

They are a well respected multi-million dollar business and you can get paid your commission straight into your bank account on a weekly basis.

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Create your affiliate link

Once you have your affiliate account approved, you can copy & paste your affiliate link from within Thrivecart.

If you prefer to generate this username you simply need to replace YOURID in the url below with your Thrivecart username.


So if your Thrivecart username is bangdrum then your affiliate link would be http://bangdrum–

Share your affiliate link

Now you have your affiliate link it's time to share it with friends & family on Facebook, Twitter, forums or anywhere else you hang out online.

If you've got your own blog or website then Clear Bonus Profits is perfect to share with anyone looking to make extra money each month.

The product converts really well and I offer top quality support to all of my customers which ensures that customer retention is high

Cloaking links

You may wish to consider using a free service such as to cloak your affiliate link. basically makes your link more appealing to click.

If your affiliate link was http://bangdrum– then you could just enter this into and you could choose a link like

If you've any questions or queries then please do get in touch with me at info [at]

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