Foxy Bingo – Welcome Bonus and Reload Offer

Foxy Bingo is part of the Dragonfish network of bingo sites.

Do the welcome offer below first and if you end up with some real cash after your games finish, then withdraw that first.

Once the cash is back with your bank/PayPal, then you should attempt the reload offer.

This is not risk free but value is on our side and the majority of people who attempt all these bingo offers make a profit across them all.


  1. Click here to join Foxy Bingo
  2. Deposit £10
  3. You will have £10 of real cash and £30 of bingo bonus funds (possibly £35 if the credit you a free fiver)
  4. Buy the maximum tickets in every room available until your balance is down to zero.
  5. You should buy your first tickets on games which have a few minutes to go until the game starts and keep buying tickets on other games by order of the longest to go until the game starts.
  6. Once a game begins, you will notice that the timer for that room has reset and that you can now buy tickets for the next game in that room too.
  7. Try not to buy tickets on bingo games not to be played for a few days or for games with mega jackpots which generally have lots of players and lessens your chances of bagging cash wins.
  8. Wait for the games to finish and then withdraw your money. You generally need £30 in your account to make a withdrawal.  If your winnings have come to less then £30, then simply deposit extra money to take your balance above £30 and then withdraw.



  • Deposit £10 using the promo code FOXY500
  • You will have £10 of real cash and £50 of bingo bonus funds
  • Repeat the instructions as from point 4 in the welcome bonus above.


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