September 2015 Round-Up

I won't be partaking in much matched betting throughout October as I'm busy putting the final touches to Clear Bonus Profits, which is proving to be great fun and incredibly time-consuming. Each month will see me do a review of my own personal matched betting performance, so that you can get a flavour of what can be achieved.

September 2015 was a good month, when I only actually attempted offers on 23 days, spending around 35 hours in total completing matched betting offers. I made profits from my matched betting of £1,740.30 which worked out at a profit of £75.67 per day. Even better still was my hourly rate, which came in at £49.72.

Top 5 Bookies

Skybet = £452.10
Betfair= £390.99
Pokerstars = £237.69
Ladbrokes = £183.73
Bet365 = £171.35

Top 5 Offer Types

Welcome Bonuses = £627.89
Slots = £574.18
Footy = £287.42
Casino = £178.50
Horses = £67.59

Remember that these earnings are all tax-free and to get paid £1,740.30 by an employer is the equivalent of earning £26,200 per year as you can see by clicking here.  However rather than working 35 to 40 hours a month to make that sort of money, it was all achieved in just 35 hours total, leaving lots of time free to concentrate on other things.  I hope you find this post inspirational because I am not doing anything special or out of the ordinary and these type of profits are within your reach.

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